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Bowl Himalayan Salt Lamp

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Illuminate your room with a warm, relaxing orange glow.  Rotary Dimmer Switch to contol the brightness of your light.

Salt lamp provides you a very romantice atmosphere when in the darker light.  High quality 15w bulbs that own certificates like CE, RoHs, FCC, UL, Unlike other bulbs in the market, it won't burn.

Decoration for home such as bedroom, living room, dinning room, kithen,bathroom but also the smoking room, yoga room etc.

Great gifts for families and friends. The salt crystal lamps supply a soft glowing at night which would be helpful for sleeping.



Hand carved 100% pure natural himalayan salt rock: the deep underground mines in Pakistan are the only source of true Himalayan pink salt. Himalayan salt is the cleanest form of salt available. 

Metal base: himalayan sea salt lamp metal base offers a drainage control to help protect your furniture from moisture as well as provides a modern fashion appearance in any room like office, bedroom, living room,bathroom light,living room light,hall light

Purify the air: salt lamps release a number of negaitve ions to fight aginest the electromagnetic radiation created by Electronics,which can provide you a calming ambience therefore, it may especially good for the lung sufferers.

Soft warm glow:pink salt crystal rocks glow soothing cool light. with the dimmable controller, you can adjust the lightness as you want, Turn left, the lights get darker, vice versa. show as the fifth picture.

Dimmable Lighting and Uquine: the chunks of salt crystal vary in size and can be easily arranged to the metal crystal bowl according to your own style, which would show a unique you to others with that beautiful dimmable orange light.



Input voltage:110V 
Max. Power: 15W 
Blub Type: E12 
Material: Himalayan Salt, Metal, Plastic 
Weight: 1.3kg / 2.86lbs 
Product Size: 11cm*11cm 
Cable Length: 5ft 
Certificates: CE, RoHs, FCC, UL


Instruction steps

  1. Installing the Bulb to the metal base 
  2. Adding crystal salt rocks to the bowl 
  3. Connecting the power supply 
  4. Rotating the dimmer switch to adjust the lightness of the bulb. Turn left, the lights get darker, vice versa

Package Includes: 

  • x Salt Lamp 
  • x 15W Bulbs 
  • x Rotary Dimmer Switch
  • x User Manual